40mm Bright Panel Pins 500g - MSS Timber

Bright Panel Pins

Bright Panel PinsAvailable: 30mm x 1.65mm, 40mm x 1.65mm and 50mm x 2.00mmPack Size - 500gPanel Pins Are Ideal For Lightweight And Decorative Jobs.The...
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Lost Head Nails 1kg - MSS Timber

Lost Head Nails

Lost Head NailsAvailable: 65mm x 3.35mmPack Size - 1.0kgLost Head Nails Are Used Instead Of Round Wire Nails Where The Standard Of Finish Requires The...
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Oval Brads 500g - MSS Timber

Oval Brad Nails

Oval Brad NailsOval Nails Are Used Where Concealment Is Required Or Where There Is A Danger That The Use Of A Standard Round Wire Nail Would Split The...
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